Online Magazine for Kids

I started Jump! Mag after becoming frustrated with the available print media for girls, much of which is a mere advertising vehicle for reality TV celebrities and US teen sit-coms, interspersed with “reviews” of latest console games, tips on looking pretty and how to bake cupcakes.

Over the course of the first year, I received many requests from parents of boys, to remove the ‘for girls’ tag, and make it available for boys.

The magazine encourages and supports both girls and boys, and is gender neutral and girl-positive.  Articles aren’t aimed at boys or at girls, but at all kids. Each child can then read what really interests them, not what society thinks they should be interested in.

We feature fun articles and creative craft ideas, personal and school/career advice, insights into careers that they may not have considered, articles about children around the world and interactive content, some of it written by their peers. We introduce kids to great role models – not celebrities, but athletes, scientists, writers,  archaeologists, engineers, counsellors and councillors.

The site is non-profit, a real ‘labour of love’, which is made possible by the contributions of an enthusiastic group of volunteer writers.