Learn Twitter in 10 Minutes

tunnocksteantwitter-768x1024New to Twitter and feeling a little confused? On first glance, all those half-conversations and unfamiliar symbols may look like gobbledegook. But it’s really very simple and this useful book is here to help.

In straightforward, chatty text accompanied by amusing illustrations, popular tweeter and blogger Lynn  Schreiber helps you get the most out of Twitter. She demystifies the jargon (hashtags? Follow Friday? DMs? All explained here) and gives easy ways to find friends, gain followers, and have fun!

The book also provides an insight into the all-important rules of Twitter etiquette, and the various applications you can use with Twitter to enhance your experience even more. Armed with the information in this book, you’ll become an assured and expert tweeter – in super-quick time!

Published by Batsford Books in 2012. Print, Kindle and iBook editions available.


12 Awesome Women Explorers: You’ve Never Heard Of

rsz_12_women_explorer_frontThe first in a series of non-fiction books for kids, highlighting the achievements and legacies of women you’ve never heard of!

Follow in the footsteps of twelve awesome women, as they walk, run, ski and sail around the earth, fly into the sky, and rocket into outer space.

From modern and ancient times, these women from different walks of life share a thirst for knowledge, a brave heart, and a yearning to explore.

Print and Kindle editions available.